Parish Library




For your convenience, all resources are color-coded and numbered. A master catalog is on site to assist with locating subjects of interest. Below are the numbering sequences and color codes for the categories of the Parish Library collections.

            *Click on any category heading to expand.

*Bible and Church:

  • God (white) 3100-3200
  • Bible (green) 4000-4300
  • Church (blue) 2000-2600 
  • Liturgical Year (purple) 5300

*People and Social Issues:

  • Vocations (pink) 5200-5285
  • Children's Section 9000-9800
  • Social (orange) 5000-7000

*Prayer and Spirituality:

  • Prayer and Spirituality (yellow) 1000-1980
  • Saints (red) 8000-8200
  • World Religions (brown) 9900-9965

References: Library users can only use references while in the parish library. These cannot be removed from the library.

  • The New Catholic Encyclopedia