Inside the Church

Our church building was erected in 2000 and was the first permanent home of St. Michael the Archangel Parish. Generous gifts including a Schantz Pipe Organ and monies contributed anonymously for the initial set of stained glass windows for the church attest to the depth of commitment to the parish by its members.  St. Michael the Archangel parishioners had responded to its needs as they had from the very day the parish was established.  No sooner was a need perceived, than it was fulfilled.  Finally, on November 18, 2000, nearly five years after the idea was first broached with Fr. Helman, the new worship space was consecrated.

The building itself is a work of art, with it's contoured roof and glorious skylights. It is hard not to be amazed at the beauty of God when the sunlight overflows our worship space. The main church can be most easily accessed through Door 12 where you will walk under our portico surrounded by the hard work of our Landscape Committee and Gardening Club who work hard all year round to provide clean and beautiful and sensible horticulture to entice the eyes and noses of anyone approaching.

Through the doors, one enters our Gathering Space with a newly constructed Welcome Center, a Slideshow screen of local happenings, a kiosk with printed materials, and plenty of seating for those that need a break and rocking chairs for parents with small children.

Our worship space is through the next set of doors and again is a clean space with peaceful elements of beauty. Our marble baptismal font is flowing softly with holy water blessed by the Paschal candle each Easter Vigil. The open space of the main church wraps us in warm light most days of the year and our updated sound system helps music and speakers heard throughout the space. We also have hearing assistance devices with headphones available at the entrance, with individual volume control should you like a little extra sound. Our worship space was designed with many natural elements: glass, marble, stone, wood to help everyone who enters to feel at ease.

The stained glass windows, although small in comparison to the size of the building, were designed to be freely interpreted and to flow from one window to the next. 

Our Marian statue is larger than life and as tradition sits over to the left of the altar with a contemporary strength.

Our beautiful Schantz pipe organ and Steinway grand piano also sit over to the left amidst the assembly.   

Photos by Mary Joseph

Although, the beautiful contemporary architecture and essential elements were completed in 2000, several upgrades have been made to our worship space. In 2016, we consecrated a new crucifix for the sanctuary. The corpus from this crucifix used to hang in a Catholic school in Cleveland, and our pastor Fr. Don King commissioned --- to create a cross and stand to match our sanctuary. In 2017, we upgraded our entire sound system with the help of Pellegrino Music. Later this year we hope to unveil a new tabernacle, crafted from the same marble as our altar and ambo.

Photo by Norm Kutz


The stained glass windows from our old worship space have been repurposed for use in our chapel which we use for morning Mass during the week and other smaller services. It is a beautiful space with warm accoustics and cozy seating located on our lower level (underneath the main church), most easily accessible by Door 11.  
Photo by Mary Joseph

The art piece hanging on the side of the elevator shaft, connecting the Upper Level Gathering Space to the Lower Level Gathering Space was created by the late Cleveland artist, Ed Mieczkowski. Mieczkowski was fairly well-known for his geometric abstractions and sold his works all over the nation.           Photo by Norm Kutz
This particular art piece was given as a gift to St. Michael's Parish from the architect that designed our current church building.