Stained Glass Windows


St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church
(Artwork #144)

Canton, Ohio
Honorable Mention & Visual Arts Awards

Ministry & Liturgy Magazine

Size: 38 windows, various lengths x 22" tall.


With a series of highly individualized vignettes that flow seamlessly one into the next, the stained glass windows move the eye around the sanctuary. Non-representational by design, the artistic play of line and color is free to speak to the heart of the viewer, influenced only by their own life journey, the nuance of season and light, or a touching Homily. The artwork is meant to be a bridge to a spiritual experience, to inspire the viewer to seek his own personal interpretation.

Although recognizable images are not used in the artwork, spiritual concepts that reflect the community of St. Michaels inspired every bit of it. It is the hope of the artist, and the Stained Glass Selection Committee, that the viewer will feel these concepts intuitively, but never be limited to them. Some of those concepts are:

Energetic, active, vibrant, rhythmic
Strong but not overpowering
Never ending, always moving forward, strength to go on
Connected . . . to one another, to God,
Commitment, bonded together, unity
Open minded, embracing new things, ready to experience God’s new plan, adventurous
Spaciousness of heart yet enveloping
Magical, inspirational, celebration
Peaceful, tranquil
Warm and inviting, friendly, comfortable
Dying and rising, transforming
Mysterious, full of possibilities
Always leading us to something new, acceptance of life’s seasons

Pictures & above text by Kessler Studios