Finance Council

The Finance Council is composed of parish members who are experienced in financial, business, and other matters. The Council assists the Pastor and the Business Manager with decisions affecting the financial concerns of the Parish.  The responsibilities include monitoring the monthly income and expenditures, developing annual budgets, implementing measures to address shortfalls and other unexpected developments, informing the church community about the financial state of affairs, and overseeing long-range, financial planning.  The Council meets on a monthly basis and on an as-needed basis.  

Parish Pastoral Council

The Council is a visionary, consultative, planning and evaluative voice of the parish and an advisory body to the pastor.  Council members collaborate with the pastor to develop goals and programs that carry out an ongoing strategic plan for the parish.  The Parish Pastoral Council is a representative and appointed deliberating body of St. Michael’s parishioners.  Members are selected through a nomination and discernment process.  The Council meets monthly.  

Stewardship Committee

A Stewardship Parish is one where parishioners look at our lives and see the wonder of God's goodness and the abundance of God's gifts to each of us.  Stewardship invites us to express our gratitude by giving back and sharing the discipleship of Jesus. This Committee works to promote this concept at St Michael's.  The committee meets monthly. 

For more information about any of these administrative committees, contact Bruce Gordon by email or phone in the parish office 330-492-3119 ext. 211.