Recycling A Stewardship Commitment


Recycling program benefits needy


St Michaels One Stop Recycling   

Stark Tuscarawas Wayne County Recycling  Waste Management has delivered four new bins for the collection of Plastics (grades 1-7), Glass & Aluminum. Two bins have been place in the lower parking lot and two in the rectory parking lot We now have nine bins for paper and cardboard plus these new bins to provide you with one stop recycling.  Thanks to all who have been participating in our recycling efforts.  We hope the addition of the plastics/glass/aluminum capability add new participants to the program.    

Stewardship Challenge

As we continue to expand ways to increase our involvement as a "stewardship parish" we would like to challenge all of our 2,500 parish families to make recycling a part of their stewardship efforts. An average family generates 40 lbs. of recycled newspaper and junk mail per month. Our current efforts generate 17.0 lbs. per family per month. This is up 3% from the prior year but we have a lot of room to grow.

We can expand our ministry to those in need and continue to protect the environment. The goals for the challenge: 100% participation, and doubling our average to 30 lbs. per family per month.


Recycling Update - Year end results are in. Through your efforts the recycling program at  St Michael parish and school has increased both volume and $'s by 3% from the same period last year.  Year to date we have collected over 255 tons of material and received $6381 from Abitibi. Click on the recycling link on this page to view detailed historical comparisons
All funds generated by this program are used to support the Emergency assistance programs for the less fortunate.  your support has been outstanding and is greatly appreciated. 

Our Results  The St Michael Parish & School program recycles newspapers, junk mail, phone books, hard back books and cardboard. There are nine recycle bins located around the church and school. Over the past six years we have collected on average 198 tons of materials.

Our cumulative collection of 1388 tons of recycle materials continues to demonstrate our stewardship of precious natural resources. By avoiding the landfill for these materials we have:

Thanks to all who have participated and continued to expand our efforts. If you have not started recycling your newspapers, junk mail, phone books, hard back books and cardboard, please join us in this effort. Recycle bins are located in the lower-level parking lot and in the parking lot next to the rectory. For those who are part of the effort thanks!

The bottom line for recycling is the financial returns help us carry out the expanded ministry of the emergency assistance programs: providing food for the hungry; general assistance with transportation; and, miscellaneous household emergency expenses including rent assistance and utility shut-off assistance. In 2012 the Emergency Assistance Program spent over $21,000 feeding the hungry and assisting the poor. The recycling program provides  27% of the total expenses for our emergency assistance programs.



Recycling History