Helman Library

 Parish Library


Mission Statement:


To provide faith-related materials to parishioners free of charge.


Origin and Purpose


The library was started by our late pastor Father Brad Helman who was an avid reader. Fr. Helman officially opened and blessed the Parish Library on August 12, 2007. What began with a few people sharing faith-based subject matter has blossomed into a full-fledged cataloged system.

People are invited to stop in and choose from a variety of reading and audio materials for adults, teens and children. These items are color-coded by subject and are neatly filed on shelves. Ample seating and desk space is provided. Please come and browse ... we have over 2,000 items for you to view. You are most welcome to borrow the materials at your leisure.

The library is located on the lower level of the church building, near the Chapel. The library is open any time the church is open.