Why Every 8th-12th Grader Should Come to Life Teen!

"Life Teen is more than just listening to lectures about God's word. Okay, yes, there is some of that, but Life Teen focuses on people and what these people to do serve God. Recently, our Life Teen group organized a book drive for the Lorrie Yeager Jr. Juvenile Center in Parkersburg, WV; we also delivered gifts to the same center in December. Participating in these projects with Life Teen is so much fun, and you receive an incredibly great feeling knowing you may have made a different in someone's life. Life Teen does other fun things too, like bowling night when we can take time to talk with friends and enjoy God's presence. Life Nights are the perfect way to begin a new week. There is food,f riends, games, and of course God, who is incorporated into everyting we do. Life Nights are a perfect relaxer and a great way to end Sunday night. Without Life Teen, like wouldn't be the same; it has allowed me to build a much stronger relationship with God" - Ashley, Class of '18

"Life Teen has provided me with many opportunities to expand my faith and grow closer with God. My favorite activity ist he annual Spring Retreat; each year, a group of teens, myself included, plan out every hour of the weekend. We usually do three to four scheduled lessons centered on a topic of our choice with different activities scheduled for free time. Planning for this year is already underway, and the weekend looks promising! I would encouarge teens to attend this short retreat becasue it is a nice way to escape from the bustle of our hectic lives and re-commit to your faith, while spending time with some really cool people." -Katie, Class of '18

"Life Teen is a youth group that meets at St. Michael's after the 5:30 Sunday mass. Not only is it convenient to attend, but it is also loads of fun! The first thing that happens at Life Teen is food. That's right, if that's not enough to convince teens to join in the fun, then I don't know what is; we've enjoyed pizza, tacos, even pasta! After dinner and a prayer, there are the general announcements, agenda, and a raffle. Wait - a raffle?! Yup, if you come to Life Teen, you automatically get entered into a raffle to win a gift card. We aren't even to the best part yet! After the raffle, we get into the real part of the night, where we learn about the day's topic. Usually, it is a topic about God, Jesus, or the Bible, and how they tie into our daily lives. How we usually learn about each topic is different an with each topic, an activity is involved. Rest assured, Life Teen is not a place to listen to long, boring, lecture. Most recently, we've been ending each Life Night with silent reflections and music. This quiet time is important for a chance to listen to what God has to say to us about the day's topic. We end each evening around the alter in prayer. Life Teen is a great way to have a little fun with friends before the school week starts. " - Alexis, Class of '18