Liturgical Ministries


Altar Servers

The Privilege of Serving at the Liturgy
The Sacred Liturgy of the Church—Sunday Mass, daily Mass, funerals, weddings, and other celebrations you may be serving—is the public prayer of the Church. The server assists in the handling of the Missal book for prayer times, the sacred vessels for the altar, and the processional pieces, such as the cross and the candles. This role greatly assists in the beauty and functionality of the Mass. It is a great honor and privilege to serve at Mass.
  1. Arrive at least 15 minutes before your assigned Mass.
  2. Be responsible for finding your own substitute when necessary.
  3. Dress and act appropriately. Face masks are required.
  4. Attend a training session.

Girls and Boys in at least the fourth grade are welcome to train to become altar servers at St. Michael Church. 


Adults are also welcome to minister as servers. They greatly help at 8:30 AM Mass on Sundays, at funerals outside the school day, and on other occasions when needed.  

AT THE PARISH OFFICE (330-492-3119). We have trainings scheduled for Sat. March 20th 9:30am-10:30am and Sun. March 21st 1-2pm. Click here for the registration form.


Eucharistic Ministers

The giving and receiving of communion can be a rare moment of the experience of God. Ministers of communion have a great deal to do with creating this moment, by bringing a full personal presence to each and every person who comes to them to share in the Body and Blood of Christ. Requirements for this ministry include an interest and love for good liturgy and for the people celebrating together, and a desire to make the moment of communion an experience of “full communion,” a moment of full personal presence.  One area of Eucharistic ministry is the taking of communion to those who are sick or confined to their homes or in nursing homes.

Formation workshops are planned to take place, usually, every year and a half. Eucharistic Ministers also are expected to participate in meetings dealing with procedures as well as in gatherings for ongoing spiritual renewal and formation.



The ministry of lector requires an interest in good liturgy, a love of scripture and an understanding that Scripture is the living Word of God, an appreciation of language, words and speech techniques, and a desire to proclaim the Word of God with life, energy, enthusiasm and intelligence. Lectors read at Masses and on other occasions such as Morning and Evening Prayer, Communal Reconciliation Services, etc. Formation workshops for new lectors are offered, usually, every eighteen months.  Lectors also are expected to participate in meetings dealing with procedures as well as in gatherings for ongoing spiritual renewal and formation.


Ministry of Hospitality

The basis of the Ministry of Hospitality (USHERS AND GREETERS) is to make people feel welcome. Greeters and ushers create an atmosphere of hospitality, as people enter the building, by welcoming them warmly and making them feel at home. Ushers also attend to various functions throughout the liturgy to make the community feel comfortable and to assure that the many aspects of the liturgy flow smoothly. Requirements include a strong sense of community and a desire to enable each person to celebrate the liturgy to the fullest. 

Ministers of Hospitality are expected to participate in any meetings, as well as in gatherings for ongoing spiritual renewal and formation.


Interested in joining one of these ministries? Please contact Libby Saxton in the parish office.