Meeting Rooms

We have several renovated and rentable meeting rooms. Round tables or rectangle tables and chairs are available in any room. This is in order from smallest capacity to largest.

Bride's Parlor

This small room is located up the ramp from our main church and is a wonderful smaller and quieter meeting room for groups of 50 or less. No sound system needed in this room,  but a tv cart, chalkboard or white board available upon request. This room has direct access to the ladies' restroom and the gentlemen's restroom is right around the corner.

Stage Wing

The stage wing is located across the hall from the parlor and restrooms. It is an old classroom so it is great for committee and club meetings. 

Center Community Room

The Center Community Room is located on the lower level (underneath the main church) and is most easily accessible from the lower parking lot and Door 11 or 7. It has a dance floor and full length mirror that the Irish Dance Troupe uses but is also great for small groups and famlies to meet and play. Families restrooms available nearby. An upright piano, tv cart, chalk board, or white board available upon request.

Helman Community Center 

The Helman Community Center is located underneath our parish offices. It is accessible by St. Michael Drive -there is a separate sidewalk leading down to the main entrance of the Helman Commity Center. It also is accessible through a staircase located in the offices lobby or an elevator located in the school office. The Helman Community Center has a residential size oven and microwave and a long single room (with restrooms).

St. Michael Room

The St. Michael Room is located on the lower level (underneath the main church), right beside our chapel, most easily accessible by the lower parking lot and Door 11. This room has a residential size refrigerator, oven, and microwave, as well as a ready-made coffee and hot water machine. This is a great space for your next big party. You enter the parking lot at street level, no steps or long walks, into a large room that can be suited to your needs. An upright piano, tv cart, chalk board, or white board available upon request. We have also used projectors in this room with great success. Projected images, slideshows, or video right on the wall.

Fannon Center

The Fannon Center, named after one of our pastors, Msgr. Fannon, has been newly renovated and looks amazing. This room now boasts a full sound system (with subwoofers), an HD projector, wireless microphones, and dimming lights. Their are dual ovens for your use as well as a large sink, large refrigerator, and a wonderful buffet counter. There is a drink bar with a ready-made coffee and hot water machine and extra space for any other drinks. White board or chalkboard available upon request. Men and Women Restrooms available nearby.