Mass and Liturgy Online

Sixth Sunday of Easter

May 22, 2022





May 22, 2022

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Parish Announcements


Includes details about these parish activities, and more:

  • Ways you can help honor our high school graduates
  • Additional photo sessions for our new pictorial directory
  • An invitation to be a part of our parish's 70th Anniversary Planning Commitee

Thank you again for supporting our Year Round Food and Supplies Drive. Our special ask this week for our Year Round Food and Supplies Drive is canned vegetables and canned fruit.

Note: We have a new platform for online giving. In coming months, we will also use this new platform for additional ways to connect with St. Michael's ministries and activities. 

If this is your first time giving with our new platform, you will be asked to set up a new password when you enter your email address. Thank you for making your donation here. | Please contact Bruce Gordon in the parish office with any questions or difficulties: (330) 492-3119, extension 211;

We thank you so very much for your continued financial support of the ministries of St Michael Catholic Community. Your support has been simply amazing during this pandemic time - especially since we know that so many are hurting right now. And, we ask that you review your existing level of support. Use online giving if you can and please increase your contribution where your circumstances permit.