Landscaping Committee

“Where there is rest and meditation, there  is neither anxiety nor restlessness”

St Francis of Assisi

The Landscape Committee is a group of parishioners whose mission is to maintain and beautify our parish grounds.  The gardens are areas that can provide an opportunity for a wonderful means of prayer to enhance our spiritual growth.  Members do not incur any personal expense.

The landscaping of the parish grounds is divided into small areas that can be maintained by an individual, a family, or a group such as a Small Christian Community or a club. 

  • We meet in January to set up our program for the coming year. 
  • In May we begin our season with a community workday. 
  • Following the workday, each group will maintain their assigned area as needed. 
  • We conclude our season with a clean up day in October.

If you enjoy the outdoors and would like to offer your talents to this wonderful group please contact one of the following members:

  • Linda & Leo Casey 330-832-8686
  • Barb & Scott Tolbert 330-494-2236















“Praised be my Lord for our mother
  the earth, which sustains us and keeps us.”


St. Michael's Labyrinth