HOPE Ministry

                                Helping Our Parishioners EnRoute  ... "YOU ARE NOT ALONE"

While every deep sorrow affects our hearts in a very private and personal way, we need not suffer alone in our grief. Members of HOPE Ministry offer bereavement support at a time of a loss, during the wake and funeral, and in the first year after the death of a family member from St. Michael’s Parish. Bereavement is a normal reaction to loss. It is our hope that no parishioner would have to endure this pain alone.

  • HOPE Ministry members are willing to offer compassionate support along the road of life’s healing journey. All members have themselves experienced the loss of a loved one and also walked the grieving/healing journey. We do not come with answers nor to take away the pain, but with time and patience are willing to be loving listeners.  
  • HOPE is there for parishioners and their families from the planning of the funeral, to serving the luncheon afterwards. But it does not end there. We offer support, telephone calls, a card ministry to parishioners whose deceased family member is buried from another parish. A significant part of our ministry is the Memorial Mass each November for families to come together and remember those who have died in the past year. 
  • In addition to their bereavement services, they also participate in and enjoy activities such as preparing gift bags for families of Hospice patients and social events. This project was done in conjunction with Stark County Hospice.

If you are interested in becoming involved in this vital and loving ministry or wish to have one of the HOPE Ministry team to talk to, please contact the Julie Sutton at the parish office at 330-492-3119 x219.


The St. Michael HOPE Ministry (Helping Our Parishioners Enroute) was founded in the late 1980’s by Monsignor Robert Fannon and Sr. Mary Cunningham H.M. From its inception this ministry was designed to offer care during and after the loss of a loved one.  When you look in the dictionary for the definition of “Hope,” do not be surprised if you find a picture of each and every person involved in our St. Michael HOPE Ministry. The word HOPE means; “to wish for something with expectation of its fulfillment, to have confidence; trust.” This indeed is exactly what this ministry offers to our parishioners.







  • HOPE Ministry meetings are on the first Wednesday of most months at 1PM from Sept-May. Most meetings are open to visitors, but please call the parish office 330-492-3119 x 219 to confirm.