Stewardship Committee

Members of this committee have the responsibility of creating a spirit of stewardship in the parish.   They encourage parishioners to share their time, talent and treasure in thanksgiving for the gifts God bestows on each of us.  Committee members seek ways to invite parishioners to express their gratitude to God by connecting together in community and giving back generously in response to God’s call to love and care for one another. The committee works with staff and Parish Pastoral Council and Parish Finance Council to identify parish needs and connect stewards to meet those needs.   They provide forums that help ministries, committees and groups promote their missions, build membership and increase outreach.

Please contact Bruce Gordon in the parish office if you are interested in joining this group. or 330-492-3119 ext. 211


Dear Friends in Christ,

Our parish community here at St. Michael faces an exciting time in our history as we together reach for God’s plan, shares the vision of Jesus’s mission, and grow our future. I wish to thank you for extending your arms to embrace and welcome Father Coulter and me to the parish family. I pray that together we may reach into our hearts and extend the love of our Lord by generously sharing our gifts of time, talent, and treasure within our parish community and for God’s people beyond our parish doors.

Our reach sustains our robust parish community and is made possible by the goodness of our parishioners. Together with the Parish Finance Council, I am most grateful for this generosity. Through it we will reach future generations and pass on to them the blessings entrusted to us from those who came before.

The treasure phase of our “Share the vision, Grow our future, Reach for God’s plan” program was announced at all the Masses this past weekend. We are asking each member of our parish family to reflect on the many gifts God has graciously given to them. In gratitude we pray you might make a just return from these gifts to support St. Michael’s vision, reach, and future.

Please respond generously when invited to make a renewed offertory commitment at Mass. May our Lord bless each of our families with open hearts and a true spirit of gratitude and may St. Michael the Archangel, our patron saint, intercede for us.

Sincerely in Christ                                                      

Fr Benson C. Okpara,

St Michael the Archangel Parish

Prayer for Stewardship

Loving God, I come to you in thanksgiving, knowing that all that I am and all that I have is a gift from you.
In faith and love, help me to do your will.