Remembering Bishop Murry

Bishop Murry was not only a great and brilliant man, he was a good man. He always made you feel like you were the center of the world when he was talking to you. He made you feel important, and helped you know that you are important. He was a true servant leader, and we will miss him. 
Father Benson Okpara

(Photos: from Mary Joseph and Norm Kutz, respectively)

Bishop Murry made his way through life not just playing a role, but savoring each moment. He genuinely cared about people. He was compassionate and sensitive to their feelings; he enjoyed spending time with them, hearing their thoughts and sharing ideas. . . . Bishop Murry witnessed to his faith by how he lived and worked. He loved us, the people of the diocese as he loved Christ. In his relatively short time among us he came to know us very well.
Father Donald King

Photo: Mary Joseph

The best personal story I have goes back to when Bishop Murry was installed as Bishop of the Diocese of Youngstown.  Lots of Bishops and at least one Cardinal.  Bishop Tobin was there.  I was one of the Deacons asked to serve one of the Communion Chalices.  When the time came for us Deacons to go to the Altar it happened that I was the first Deacon to receive Communion from him.  I considered it an honor. Deacon Pete Pohl



Bishop Murry blessed our wedding anniversary (Marie and Larry Fecske) at the special Mass in 2018. I asked him that day, “what advice would he have for a good marriage?”  He replied, “after 68 years of marriage, it seems you must be doing the right thing.” The Bishop was always so friendly, greeting us with a smile on his face that made us feel like he really knew us. We will really miss him.  Marie Fecske 


Jacqueline and Anthony Bogovich, 50th Anniversary (left)

Rose Ann and Dennis Manzella, 40th Anniversary (right)



Bishop Murry was a lifelong educator, and quite clearly loved connecting with young people. He often visited St. Michael's for the Diocesan Youth Convention, Confirmations, and Vocation Day. 

Photos: Roxana Rish, M. Joseph, Michelle Dennis Ansel, James Elliott

My favorite memory of Bishop Murry is the day he celebrated the lease signing of the former convent at St Paul Canton with Mercy Medical Center so that our medical home could take shape for the good of the people of urban NE Canton. It was a beautiful gathering of people from the community. We prayed, we sang, we blessed, we applauded a new ministry beginning. 
Sister Carolyn Capuano HM, Mercy Medical Center, Canton

Every brief encounter with Bishop Murry left me feeling like he had reached out and touched my soul.  I will miss our kind, charismatic shepherd profoundly. Jane Quilter

It is one of the diocese's "Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship" programs, to help get us ready for the coming election. To St. Michael's comes Bishop Murry, to speak, listen, and help calm disagreements, as well as any fears. He listens to each of us as Sr. Dorothy hands the microphone from one parishioner to the other to state our concerns. I, too, have a question/comment as I seek to respond to a speaker's remark. Stomping my foot, standing and sitting down quickly... what will I say? How will I say it? I hope Sister doesn't notice or approach and am glad when she doesn't. But, Bishop Murry does. He reads my thoughts. He reads my heart. "I see this lady wants to say something. Everyone has the right to be heard..." It is at this point my wandering thoughts and eyes come into focus and realize he is addressing me. His eyes were watching me. Laurel Turner

We will miss Bishop George Murry. We will treasure his “surprise” presence for the RCIA diocesan Rite of Election at Saint Joseph Catholic Church this year. His love and dedication for us was felt. We will miss his very outgoing personality, spiritual guidance and warmth. May God rest his soul. Jean and Larry Fisher

Photos from Norm Kutz (Bishop Murry blessing St. Michael's new parish and school offices, as well as Vocation Day) and Leigh Sliwinski (Confirmation)

Bishop Murry loved to travel. And when he traveled, he would often connect parishioners here in our diocese with Catholics across the world. Parishioner Ed Irving even tells us that Bishop Murry helped him present a chalice to Father Wilhelm Malasi in Tanzania (Father Malasi had resided in our diocese while he pursued a Ph.D. in Chemistry).

Pictures: From Lucia Cirese - Mass in Fatima, Portugal; From Jim Keller - Patrick Jakupca Confirmation


St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Community remembers and gives thanks for the ministry of Bishop George Murry, S.J. (1948-2020)


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