Christmas Organ Music: Part I

Of the Father's Love Begotten | Joy to the World

Three Christmas Pieces by David Lasky
Performed by Libby Saxton, Director of Music and Liturgy
Of the Father's Love Begotten (Divinum Mysterium) Joy the the World

We hope you enjoy these three pieces by David Lasky performed by Director of Music & Liturgy, Libby Saxton. The first is based on an ancient Christmas chant Divinum Mysterium or Of the Father's Love Begotten. This piece is well suited for the oboe stop on this Schantz organ. The next is a trio on Joy to the World or hymn tune Antioch. This contemporary piece is written in baroque style and is just beautiful. The solo is our pontifical trumpet. The last is also based on Joy to the World but is a wonderfully grand piece with the melody in the feet!