Jesus, Meek and Humble


Jesus, Meek and Humble

"Jesus, Meek and Humble" is a beautiful meditative song on the person of Jesus, written by Canton's own Ben Walther in collaboration with Sarah Hart. It is recorded here by our Archangel Choir, who met on Zoom this year, learning new songs, honing vocal techniques and praising God through the midst of this storm.

They recorded this song from the safety and comfort of their homes through their phones, tablets, or computers and then Libby Saxton compiled and mixed their voices to create this virtual choir. The accompaniment was created by Jeff Fricker.

"Jesus, Meek and Humble" by Ben Walther and Sarah Hart © 2015, Ben Walther and Sarah Hart. Published by Spirit & Song (R), a division of OCP. Music is recorded and printed under podcasting/video streaming license provided by license # A-724239, CCLI copyright license # 11028324 and CCLI streaming license # 20790229. All rights reserved.