We Turn To You (Jeff Fricker and Roxanna Rish)

St. Michael Original

We Turn to You has been a collaborative project between Pastoral Musician Jeff Fricker and lead cantor, Roxana Rish. Roxana has been a member of St. Michael's parish for many years and has always loved music. She is a mentor to our younger cantors and often helps keep Jeff organized! We Turn to You is a poem-prayer for this crazy life. In the good times and the hard times, we turn to God. 

We Turn to You 
By Jeff Fricker & Roxana Rish
© 2020 Jeff Fricker

The blessings of each day you send, Lord,
We offer these as gifts to you.
With loving and with grateful hearts, Lord,
We turn to you, we turn to you.

As we come before you, we praise your name on high!
Take all we have, all we offer, life with you, Lord, we pray now.
Safe in your arms for all time. Make us as yours, ever worthy,
We turn to you.

Your loving grace pours over us, Lord,
Your holy presence in our lives,
In all that we will ever be, Lord, 
We turn to you, we turn to you.